All the sunshine and green growth around us has our bodies craving lighter, greener fare. This superfood packed salad consists of watercress, dandelion greens, pea sprouts.  

salad array 8X10

Dill, chives, flat leaf parsley,  lemon juice, sea salt and cracked black pepper are added to a freshly pressed sicilian olive oil to make a bright tasting herbed dressing. 

individual salad

To customize, sunflower seeds, Marcona almonds, Indian spiced chickpeas, Castelvetrano olives and edamame  represent.

The beautifully creamy Colton Bassett Stilton cheese is also included  to add some heavenly indulgence. (We still need a little fun.) 

We are drinking spring water with lime, and Wheatgrass shots too for a little more help with our spring reboot. 


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