The North Fork is a bit of a phenomenon. It has evolved to such heights that it has become a culinary destination, rich with farms (many organic), fishing, vineyards, craft beers and distilleries, restaurants, and craftsmen.

It has its own ecosystem. They feed off each other and help each other prosper. The expired pumpkins from a farm or leftover mash from a brewery may go on to be extra food at a local chicken farm. The chickens may be found on your plate at a number of North Fork restaurants that feature and revere local ingredients and the farmers who grow/raise them. It really comes full circle.woman with hat lavendar

Take all the things we have just described and add the farm Lavender by the Bay, and you may feel like you are in the South of France. It is truly a sight to behold — purple as far as you can see. The smell is intoxicating. People come for the sights, many for the photos, dressing for the occasion.

You can sip on lavender lemonade, share space with the bees, and see that they are
totally uninterested in you. I mean, look around! Flower heaven! There are lavender scones — the last one was snatched up before we could sample it, but that’s a pretty good indication that they are amazing. You can buy anything imaginable related to lavender. We scooped up some plants, lavender art, sachets, and various other goodies.

The best part about the North Fork is that you can spend the day going place to place. You could stop for lunch at a great restaurant, explore the waterfront, or while away a few hours at a winery. Each time you go, there’s a new laid-back adventure to be had.

lavender and shirt