Okay, we admit it: We have a bit of an obsession with Kerber’s Farm.

It exists in Huntington — it is hidden, unless you know where to look, which we do — with our eyes closed. There’s always a full house so we can safely say the secret is out.

kerbers tractor.jpg
Photos in this story span over a few trips to Kerber’s Farm.

Why are we obsessed? Well, first, the place is adorable. It has a welcoming country feel and is delightfully curated with various items for purchase. Second, it has chickens — as you can see in the photo — and beautiful bluebirds inside where you sip your coffee and eat your goodies. Most important: the food! The best egg sandwich you can ever imagine is made there daily. A dream for the gluten-sensitive among us: gluten-free cheddar biscuits! Add the perfect fried egg, bacon (or turkey bacon), and cheese and voila! Heaven!

kerbers egg sandwich.jpg

The farm has a fabulous selection of gluten-free baked goods and pastries made by someone who…quite frankly…CARES! They aren’t an afterthought because the farm “had” to offer gluten-free items. You could tell they were offered and designed to be good and to bring joy by someone who knows what it’s like perhaps to have ordered a gluten-free cookie only to be crestfallen when it tastes like paste.

This is merely speculation, but what we can say for sure is that these are good! Real good! We would say it’s a joyful gift from Kerber’s Farm to you. We highly suggest you partake.

Oh, and there’s even more traditional food items (that contain gluten) for the unaffected folk that can enjoy them, from mac and cheese to blueberry pies, and, of course, traditional cheddar scones.


old painted door.jpg   herbsin jar kerbers  kerbers pies.jpg

Bon appétit! (Tout suite!). Oh, you’ll be back…



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